Blood Car is an indie horror comedy feature film that was a production that Swindy Films and Fake Wood Wallpaper produced and  just got a theatrical release in Great Britain this year.  The wonderfully crass humor that sprung from the mind of Alex Orr keeps this movie relevant as an outstanding piece of cinema that explores our political and social climate.

It's considered one of the first green/environmental/horror/comedy/satire films about a car that doesn't run on gas, OR wheat grass but on blood.  The acting from Mike Brune and Anna Chlomsky from the movie "My Girl" bring a love story so powerful to screen that's unseen in today's youtube video world.   Also - The passionate pairing of Mike Brune and Katie Orr bring a sticky love affair unseen in todays Dish Network and satellite t.v. world.  So...

Save gas. Watch Blood Car (if you're old enough to drive you can probably watch it).  Currently can be seen through Netflix.  

Director: Alex Orr

Producer/Editor: Jon Swindall