What are the Best Film Apps for you cell phone/mobile communicator?

I love my mobile communicator - iPhone 5 and iPad 3 right now.  And, they are super handy for film production and make life a whole lot easier.  I've compiled some of my favorites and please let me know if there are any that I am missing or that you'd reccommend. 

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Scripting:   So I have Final Draft,  and I love that I'm able to have the most current version script on my pad in an editable way.   I don't see myself writing screenplays on my iPad but I love having the app for production reasons. 

Paperwork/Doc management:   Dropbox, iAnnotate, Adobe Reader, MacJournal

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Production:  Movie Magic Scheduler -- Love this app!  I am able to swing schedules arounds and really customize it to my purposes.  It's helped me organize and be flexible and I'm able to send/receive with others on my team.  You are also able to include storyboards/images to reference when you are shooting the scene.  This was incredibly helpful when I was shooting 20 promos a day where each frame was a special effect or comp.  I was able to pull up the board when needed and quickly switch around the order when scheduling conflicts occurred   

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Storyboards:  Storyboard

TelePrompter:  ProPrompter  -- (works great w/ an eyeliner)

Cinematography:   MovieSlate, Helios (suntracking and more awesome!), LVRUSA (manuals), Pcam (had this on my Palm Pilot still great), Kodak, SunSeeker, Swatch (choosing gels), Camera Order, Tech Scout

Reciepts: Genius Scan -- It's a great on the road app where you can take pics with your phone and creates a pdf doc for the end of the job.  

 If you're yearning find out more fun mobile filmmaking gadgets - check out  - Handheld Hollywood

Jon Swindall

Jon Swindall produces, directs, and shoots t.v. shows, commercial, and feature films.