That's a wonderful question.  The slightly glib answer is a lot of hard work, drive, collaboration, skill, prowess, a relentless focus on the project at hand, and  an image generating device.  The reality is that one blog will not answer it all.  But - hopefully I can help shed some light and tips to fillmmaking that will help you with your projects and commercial clients through this post and following posts.

So - to begin:

1.  Tell a story.  Make it something interesting .  Your audience wants and yearns to be entertained.  There are billions of things - possibly even a kazillion things-  people could be doing with their time besides watching your movie.  So make it the best you can.  You'll get better at it with the more practice you put in.   Create something awesome that people want to watch.

2.  Image capture device.  I get this question all the time.  What camera should I use? Should I shoot on film?  I've gotta have this awesome new camera by RED or Arri or Canon or Sony my project's gonna suck.   See number point number one - the story's gotta be good.  The camera doesn't matter to tell a good story.  Try and pick the best camera for the story.  The Walking Dead shoot on Super 16mm to get that really rich, immediate feeling of film.  They fight for that look - the look that calls back to Zombie Classics as "Night of the Living Dead".  But - also there are thousands of youtube videos that get millions of hits with their videos that were shot with their camera phone.  

3.  Maybe you need some money.  Maybe - maybe not.  Sites like Kickstarter-  seems to work quite well in getting projects rolling.  Try and make sure that you have a plan because you need to make sure that money that your begging for is well spent.   

So - this list is hardly complete but it's a starting point for this discussion about how do we make videos and movies.  

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Jon Swindall

Jon Swindall produces, directs, and shoots t.v. shows, commercial, and feature films.